CFC – Logo Merchandise

CFC members have a choice of two different suppliers for merchandise with our embroidered club logo. The logo is slightly different from each supplier. The best way to buy merchandise is to visit their stores in person to check out their logo, products, quality, prices and fit. The two suppliers are:

Queensboro: 1207 South 13th St., Wilmington, NC 28401 (800-847-4478) Contact: Adaire Howard (ext.224) or go to their site

Click to go to Queensboro site.


Galls: 2716 Exchange Dr., Wilmington, NC 28405 (910-791-6050)

Contact: April Collins or Click Click to go to Galls website. Log in to the Galls/CFC website using the following e-mail address: “” and the CFC members’ password. After login you can complete your Galls order and payment using your own personal information.

If you have any questions contact Tony Caracciolo 910-371-2375.